What is a kitenge

A kitenge is a length of printed fabric from East Africa. Pattern and color depend on the current fashion and the target population. The kitenge is increasing in popularity in Europe and the United States due to their unique and colorful designs.

What can you do with a kitenge

A kitenge is a beautiful table cloth or covering for a couch. You can make garments out of them as you can see with our shirts and skirts and for example pillow cases and curtains. A kitenge can be used as a babysling. The possiblities are endless.

Our kitenges

Our kitenges are a 100 percent cotton. They are approximately 110 cm (43.3 inches) wide and come in various lengths [multiples of 2 yards]. The cut edges are not finished.

Size and price of our kitenges:
2 yard [ca 1.80 meter] = 15 / 4 yard [ca 3.60 meter] = 30 / 6 yard [ca 5.40 meter] = 45 / etc.

Prices do not include shipping.
The actual colors may vary from the colors on your screen.