What is a kanga

A kanga is a rectangular piece of fabric of thin East African cotton. The kanga is designed with a border, a central pattern, and a saying, usually in Swahili. It can be a proverb, such as 'a ripe mango should be eaten slowly', or a message 'don’t gossip about me'.

What can you do with a kanga

Kangas can be used in many different ways: as a wrap skirt, a shoulder wrap, head or neck scarf; as table cloth, comforter cover, or as a decoration on a couch or wall.
Kangas are also handy during travel, as a dress, sheet, towel, or to carry your belongings – and on the beach.

movie: Converting a kanga

Our kangas

Our kangas are from Tanzania. They are a 100% cotton, and sized approximately 105 cm by 155 cm (41.3 inches by 61 inches). Price: € 20/each.

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